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Steel of Toledo; a tourist attraction close to Madrid

Steel of Toledo; a tourist attraction close to Madrid

Steel of Toledo was well-known -even in the roman period- but its fame acquired its highest reputation in the 16th century. The firmness of edge and the flexibility of the blade -as well as the embellished hilt with several engravings or damascene works- made toledan swords a remarkable weapon.

Nowadays, most of the production is for sale to tourists, most of them are replicas of famous historic swords, such as Tizona, Excalibur and Jaime I. Many of the toledan swords form part of the uniform of some armies throughout the world.

More than 2000 years ago, in the 5th B.C., Iberian blacksmiths already forged Toledo swords known as falcata, which had an iron blade inside and a special design made to increase the bluntness of the slash.

An apropriate selection of raw materials, their adequate proportion in the blade and the forging of both types of steel at a temperature of 1454 degrees fahrenheit during the exact interval of time required, give the most perfect sword ever built in the world.

In old ages, the blacksmiths used to recite psalms and prayers keeping always the same rhythm, in order to calculate the time that the blade would remain inside the furnace and to provide it extra strength.

Though Mad-bike does not provide long bike tours to Toledo, we do organize fun trips, educational trips and plain tourist trips to the magical city called Toledo. Great for those who want to explore the outskirts of Madrid and for those who already enjoyed the classic bike tour and the tapas bike tour :) .


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